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Join Us for the Nous Defions 8-Hour Team Raid on Lake Keowee!

Updated: May 31

At night, as I sit on the back porch gazing out over the serene lake after my kids have gone to bed, my mind often wanders to new challenges and adventures. The thrill of stepping into the unknown, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, and seeing how far I can go has always been a driving force in my life.

This spirit led to the Nous Defions series, inspired by my time as a commando. The camaraderie of the team, the meticulous planning, the grueling training, and the relentless pursuit of efficiency—these elements made my service fulfilling and exciting. I want to share that experience with you through a unique event combining endurance, strategy, and teamwork.

The First Paddle Expedition: A Special Operations Training Story

I remember the first time I got into a kayak and paddled in white water. My special operations team would head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for backcountry training, using pack animals, airborne operations, and austere medical scenarios every couple of years. One winter, as we flew into Jackson Hole amidst a blizzard, we discovered our skydiving plans were canceled due to weather.

But instead of sitting in a hotel room, our proactive teammates arranged for us to hit the white water on the Snake River at 6 AM the next day. None of us had experience paddling in such conditions. We dressed in dry suits and embarked on what felt like a Lewis and Clark expedition.

The snow was relentless, and one of my buddy’s dry suits leaked, making his day miserable. Yet, as Green Berets, we pushed through the freezing conditions and paddled down the river, exhausted but exhilarated by the time we reached the takeout. The steak I had that night and the stories we shared about falling into the icy water bonded us deeply.

This camaraderie and shared suffering are the essence of the Nous Defions series. I want to recreate these experiences through events that challenge you and your team, helping you build resilience and strengthen bonds.

Event Details

Date: September 14, 2024

Location: High Falls County Park, Seneca, South Carolina

Lake: Beautiful Lake Keowee, known for its crystal-clear water and minimal boating traffic.

What to Expect

The Nous Defions 8-Hour Team Raid is designed to push your limits and test your teamwork. Here’s a glimpse of what you’re signing up for:

  • Course: A 2.5-mile loop on Lake Keowee

  • Duration: 8 hours to complete as many laps as possible

  • Teamwork: Participate in teams of four. Rotate paddlers, strategize your breaks, and keep moving.

  • Variety of Participants: Adventure racers, triathletes, trail runners, law enforcement, military personnel, and more.

Why Participate?

  1. Challenge Yourself: Push beyond your limits and discover what you and your team are capable of.

  2. Camaraderie: Bond with your teammates through shared adversity, creating lasting memories and stronger friendships.

  3. Diverse Community: Mingle and connect with people from various backgrounds, all united by a common goal.

  4. Supportive Environment: Learn from other teams, adapt new strategies, and be part of a supportive, competitive atmosphere.

Race Day Highlights

  • Set-Up: Bring your easy-up tents, chairs, coolers, and food. Plan your strategy and execute it.

  • Food & Refreshments: Enjoy a catered meal with options like steak, chicken, or vegetarian burritos. Choose your fillings and fuel up for the challenge.

  • Tracking: We’re working on live-tracking your laps using cell phone tower technology, with real-time updates on a TV at the event site.

  • Awards: Prizes for winners in various age groups and categories. Custom-designed t-shirts and other cool swag.

Why We’re Excited

This event isn’t just about paddling; it’s about community, resilience, and pushing your boundaries. We’re bringing together a diverse group of participants, all eager to test their limits and support each other. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or new to the sport, this event is designed to challenge and inspire you.

Stay Connected

Join us on September 14th at High Falls County Park for an unforgettable experience.

Be part of the Commando Culture Endurance’s Nous Defions 8-Hour Team Raid on Lake Keowee!

Register Here:

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